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How to Change a Lightbulb

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Until very recently, buying and changing a lightbulb was a simple task. The only choices were screw-in or bayonet fittings and specifications of wattage. It only got more complicated if you decided to venture into the world of coloured bulbs and even then the limited range meant little more than wondering what a red or […]

All landlords have a legal obligation to ensure properties they rent out are safe for their tenants to move into and live in. One very important area where a landlord has responsibilities is regarding the electrical aspects of the property. Suitability for habitation and ongoing responsibilities A landlord has the legal obligation for two areas […]

Electrics are serious business. Faulty wiring and old equipment can cause shocks and eventually be a real fire hazard – potentially fatal at their most extreme. With the health and safety of homeowners paramount, legal regulations are in place as to the jobs any DIY’er can undertake and those which must be carried out by […]

LED lights have changed the interior decorating market. They don’t cost a great deal to run, they last much longer than their predecessors and they are available in a number of colours. Where they have particularly come to the foreground is their use as down lighting, either inside the home or as a useful and […]

  Electricity is part of every aspect of our lives.  From the minute we wake to the radio of our alarm clock, to plugging in our phone to charge it for the day ahead, the popping sound of the toaster bringing us hot breakfast as we catch up with the breaking news on TV, electricity […]

Electricity is almost magical in the way it can bring light and heat to our homes and life to our modern must-have devices, but when it acts in a way we’re not expecting the results can be confusing. Sudden loss of power Sometimes it will happen totally out of the blue, other times your entire […]

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