Security and
Fire Alarm Installation

Keep your home safe with expertly installed fire and safety systems.

Security and Fire Alarms

Your home is your sanctuary. At CFS, our fully licensed electricians are ready create a safe space for you and your family. From simple fire alarm and smoke detector installation, to advanced home security systems, our experts are passionate about giving you excellent service and peace of mind in your home.

But our expertise goes beyond the home; offices, industrial buildings, schools…you name it, we can make it safer.

Types of Alarm

  • Multi-sensor alarms – detect both smoke and heat
  • Heat sensors – detect changes in temperature and have a trigger level (set at 58 degrees)
  • Optical sensors – use infra-red beam to detect smoke
  • Ionisation alarms – detect invisible smoke particles from clean burning fires
  • Linked alarms – interlinking smoke and heat alarms

Contact our experts for find out which alarm suits your needs and the best placement for them within your property.

– security lighting, high-rise bay lighting

Staying Safe

Remaining up to date with the latest fire safety systems, our team can install the fire or smoke detection devices that work best in your property. Discuss your needs with one of our friendly electricians. Their intricate knowledge of the systems can match you with the most reliable and suitable products available.

It is essential that mains system alarms are installed by a qualified professional. Our NICEIC electricians will ensure that whatever type of alarm you choose, it will be fitted safely and effectively.  

To make an enquiry, or for further advice regarding fire and security systems, contact our team on 01722 504798 or mobile number 07780 610366.